Knowledge:  of the components that support a business;

Experience:  working with each component of a business; and

Wisdom:  the ability to use that knowledge and experience to build and grow a lasting business.

KEW Partnership

Building the Winning Start-up Team
Many startups have a standard set of weak spots in their initial management team - a lack of customer focus, entrepreneurs with little to no background in launching or heading a corporation, or technologists that cannot drive a business as well as develop a technology and also get a product to market. Even companies with the strongest potential and IP can become an unattractive investment decision if the right management team is not in place and if a cooperative and focused team environment is not established & maintained. Developing an operations plan with performance requirements - so current team members can see where they can & will perform and where new hires are needed - can also promote success.
Let us start with a team that covers the weak spots, THEN builds a product or service. I am looking to bring together people that want to create, to build something that lasts and provides more than just a job to pay the bills. Get out a pad of paper.

Do you have at least 10 years work experience? Has there been a job that you loved? One that you looked forward to going to? What did you enjoy the most about that job? Write it down. Is there one product or service YOU wish had been available over the last 10 years. Write it down.

I want you to bring that pad of paper and a couple copies of your resume, and join me to see if we can't build something together. Send me an email at tracy @ kewpartnership . com to set a time and place where we can meet.